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Are There Different Types of Divorce in Arizona?

Posted On March 25, 2024 In Divorce

Like most states, Arizona is a no-fault divorce state where spouses need only state that their marriage is “irretrievably broken,” but does this mean the divorce process is the same for every divorcing couple in Arizona?

How Long Does Divorce Paperwork Take?

Posted On March 13, 2024 In Divorce

Divorce is never easy either legally or emotionally, but being prepared by knowing what to expect helps take some of the stressful edge off the difficult prospect ahead. Like most states, Arizona is a no-fault divorce state where spouses only need to divorce on the grounds that their marriage is “irretrievably broken.”

Arizona Surrogacy Laws

Posted On February 28, 2024 In Family Law

Arizona is a family-friendly state with a court that upholds the “best interests of the child” as its highest priority, but when it comes to creating a non-traditional family through a gestational surrogate, the law makes attempts to create a family this way a significant legal risk.

Most Common Family Law Disputes

Posted On February 14, 2024 In Family Law

Family law cases are among the most legally and emotionally complex court cases in most jurisdictions. The results of disputes in family courts have immediate and lasting repercussions for families at the most personal level.