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Social demographics play a role in changing divorce rate

Posted On October 4, 2018 In High Asset Divorce

It is an often-noted statistic that around one out of every two American marriages ends in divorce. That is to say, about half of all couples who choose to marry will eventually end up in divorce court, sorting out the ends of their relationships.

Fathers can fight for custody of their children

Posted On September 27, 2018 In Fathers' Rights

There is a historical presumption that children, in custody situations, will always be placed in the primary care of their mothers. This may have to do with traditional parenting roles that mothers and fathers took on in the past, which often involved fathers working outside of their homes to earn money while mothers stayed home to take care of the couples’ children.

Understanding the end of a spousal maintenance order

Posted On September 20, 2018 In Alimony

Although alimony may be ordered for the duration of the recipient’s life, many Arizona spousal maintenance awards terminate long before the individual who receives their former spouse’s money pass away. Exactly when an agreement or order for alimony will end will depend upon the terms of the document that controls the post-divorce relationship.

Why is only one parent usually ordered to pay child support?

Posted On September 13, 2018 In Child Support

Without the financial support of their parents, Arizona children would struggle to have their most basic needs met. They may go without enough food or may live without protective shelters around them.