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Can a Child Custody Order be Modified?

Posted On September 1, 2023 In Child Custody

A child custody order is an inflexible agreement. One parent cannot choose not to allow the other parent their court-ordered parenting time in Arizona. Fortunately, Arizona courts acknowledge that circumstances sometimes change, and when it comes to court orders regarding children, a legal process exists allowing them to make changes when circumstances warrant them.

How Does Stepparent Adoption Work in Chandler, AZ?

Posted On August 14, 2023 In Child Custody,General

There are many ways to make a family, and one way is to form a blended family when one or both spouses have children from previous relationships. Besides the emotional benefits of one spouse becoming the legal parent of the other spouse’s child, there are also significant legal advantages, including the right to make important decisions for the child such as decisions on education and medical care.

The Suspected Father of Your Child Refuses to Take a Paternity Test: Next Steps

Posted On April 20, 2023 In Child Custody

Unlike birth mothers, it isn’t always immediately apparent who fathers a child. So what happens in Arizona if the man a mother presumes is the father of her child refuses to acknowledge paternity or sign a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity with the court and denies the child is his?

What is “Bird’s Nest” Custody?

Posted On November 8, 2022 In Child Custody

For divorcing couples with children, custody is almost always the most contentious issue and the one that most often leads to a contested divorce with the custody decision taken away from the parents and put in the hands of an impartial judge.