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How do gender expectations contribute to divorce myths?

Posted On May 1, 2020 In Firm News

Despite great strides made toward gender equality in recent decades, many people still have persistent ideas about the roles that men and women play in relationships. Without realizing it on a conscious level, you may automatically assume that a wife’s role is to care for the house and family and a man’s role is to support the household financially. 

Navigating divorce when your child has special needs

Posted On April 21, 2020 In Firm News

As someone who is working through a divorce and is also the parent of a child with special needs, you may have additional matters to work through as you disentangle your life from your ex’s and plan for your child’s future.

Reasons to consider a prenuptial agreement

Posted On March 24, 2020 In Firm News

Even if you did not sign a prenuptial agreement before your wedding, you and your spouse may benefit from a postnuptial agreement. Contrary to popular myth, these legal documents are not just for individuals who have family wealth to protect. 

What happens to heirlooms in a divorce?

Posted On February 27, 2020 In Firm News

Getting a divorce is really about separating your lives. In many cases, you can do this outside of court by coming to a fair agreement. However, even if you create your own agreement regarding property, you still have to be sure that it follows the law.