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Chandler Child Custody Attorney

One of the most important parts of a divorce is maintaining a positive and caring relationship with your children. At Wilson-Goodman Law Group, PLLC, we fight to ensure our clients’ parental rights remain intact after a separation or divorce. Whether you are entering into negotiations or in a court fight with your spouse, we are going to ensure your legal rights are upheld concerning your children. Let our Chandler legal custody attorneys get to work today.

The Wilson-Goodman Law Group, PLLC is your choice for Chandler Child Custody Cases

When it comes to protecting your parental rights, you need to secure a family law attorney you can trust. At Wilson-Goodman Law Group, PLLC, we bring more than two decades of experience to your side.

  • We are dedicated to service, and we work to ensure a prompt response to your emails and phone calls. We will ensure you know what is going on every step of the way.
  • We understand how personal child custody situations are, and we will offer compassionate legal counsel in a relaxed environment.
  • We offer reasonable rates for our family law clients, including a reduced hourly rate for your initial consultation.

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How can a Chandler Child Custody lawyer help?

Your family law attorney will be your advocate throughout the legal custody process. This can become complicated, but your child custody lawyer will work to ensure your rights are upheld. Even though many child custody disputes go through Conciliation services, an Arizona child custody attorney will be there to offer guidance.

If necessary, your child custody attorney will be prepared to take a case to trial if there is no resolution in meditation or during a parenting conference. The family court system can be intimidating, but our Chandler child custody lawyers have the resources necessary to handle any situation that may arise.

Understanding legal custody arrangements in Arizona

There are two kinds of custody you will be dealing with during the divorce process – physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody deals with where the child will reside, while legal custody handles a range of other issues.

Legal custody refers to which parent can make legal decisions about the child’s upbringing. This includes decisions about their:

  • medical decisions and care
  • religious upbringing
  • educational decisions
  • and more

When it comes to legal custody, parents can share responsibility (joint custody), or one parent can have complete decision-making control (sole custody). It is possible for one parent to have physical custody while both parents share legal custody and vice-versa.

There are various factors that go into determining which parent gets legal custody. This can include:

  • The proximity of both parents’ residences to one another
  • The wishes of both parents
  • Allegations of physical abuse
  • Drug or alcohol addictions
  • Other criminal issues

Let us help you through your child support case

If you are worried about your parental rights being taken away due to a separation or divorce, you need to seek legal assistance immediately. Getting your parenting plan in line is our top priority.

At Wilson-Goodman Law Group, PLLC, our knowledgeable and experienced team is going to get to work on your case and work to ensure your legal decision-making rights remain intact. We will investigate your case and be ready to go to court if necessary. When you need a Chandler legal custody attorney, you can contact us to schedule a one-on-one appointment to discuss your case by clicking here or call (480) 503-9217 today.