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What are the rules for modifying child support?

Posted On August 10, 2019 In Child Support,Modifications

When you receive the first order to pay child support, it is not written in stone. Arizona has a process that allows you to modify your child support order at certain times.

How is paternity established?

Posted On June 20, 2019 In Fathers' Rights

Establishing paternity is important for a variety reasons that include both emotional and financial reasons for the child. It is helpful for unmarried parents to understand the process of establishing paternity and the impact it can have on them and the child.

How is child custody determined in Arizona?

Posted On June 13, 2019 In Child Custody

Parents facing child custody concerns in Arizona may wonder how they will be addressed through the family law process. It is important for them to ensure that all of their questions are answered and concerns handled because of how important child custody concerns are to children and families.

How alimony decisions are made in Arizona

Posted On June 6, 2019 In Alimony

Alimony can be a controversial issue during a divorce, which is why it is helpful for divorcing couples to be familiar with the process in Arizona. Understanding how alimony decisions are made can help divorcing couples know what to expect so the alimony process can be resolved as easily as possible.