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How Can I Protect My Privacy During a Divorce?

Posted On July 17, 2023 In Divorce

Going through a divorce is always distressing, but sometimes a bad situation becomes even worse when your spouse or other parties invade your privacy during this sensitive time. Between personal matters becoming the subject of public records and the possibility of a contentious spouse accessing information and accounts to undermine your desired outcome in the divorce, it may feel like your life is no longer your own.

Name Changing After a Divorce: What to Know

Posted On July 6, 2023 In Divorce

Changing your last name after a divorce can help begin the clean start you’ve been waiting for throughout the legal challenges and distress of the divorce process. Though you don’t have to change your last name after divorcing, and some women who share children with an ex-spouse keep their married name in order to have the same last name as their children, many others choose to return to their maiden names.

How Does a Second Divorce Differ From the First?

Posted On June 14, 2023 In Divorce

No one enters into a marriage believing it will end in divorce, and second marriages are no different. Most people feel even more certain they’ve found their match for life in a second marriage, believing they learned from their first mistake.

What to Do If You’ve Been Served Divorce Papers

Posted On May 22, 2023 In Divorce

When a couple takes that trip down the aisle, they fully expect to continue the journey together, but sadly, life can be a rocky path and some couples find themselves heading in new directions.