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What is included in a child support order?

Posted On November 29, 2018 In Child Support

Ensuring that a child has adequate support to live their best possible life is a difficult job for Arizona parents. When those parents choose to separate or to go through divorces, their job becomes even more difficult as they must balance their own needs and work together to properly care for their shared children.

Don’t forget: tax changes are coming for divorcing parties

Posted On November 22, 2018 In Alimony

It is common for American couples to decide to divorce at the start of the New Year. This is because many people wish to make changes to the ways that they live their lives as the calendar changes over from one year to the next.

Celebrity custody battle offers lessons to Arizona parents

Posted On November 15, 2018 In Child Custody

Once the partners to one of Hollywood’s most powerful couples, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have since divorced and gone to war over how they will raise their six children. The pair has sparred over the important topic of child custody before, and recently, it has been announced that they will return to court in December to once again address how they will manage their responsibilities to their children.

When may supervised visitation be ordered?

Posted On November 8, 2018 In Child Custody

For a parent who has been denied physical custody of their child, visitation rights is very important to ensure that they have opportunities to spend quality time with their child. Unlike custody, visitation does not give an Arizona parent the right to have their child live with them.