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Significant financial assets may complicate divorce proceedings

Posted On October 18, 2019 In High Asset Divorce

Dealing with the financial aspects of getting a divorce in Arizona may be more complicated if you and your spouse have significant financial assets. If you have a high net worth, dealing with property division, alimony and child support may require in-depth knowledge of state laws and financial management.

The value of a postnuptial agreement in a high-asset divorce

Posted On October 16, 2019 In High Asset Divorce

While no one plans to divorce when they get married in Arizona, the divorce rate still hovers around the 50% mark for first-time marriages. One way to make a divorce go easier is by having a pre-nuptial agreement in place prior to the marriage.

Protecting and identifying assets before and during a divorce

Posted On October 15, 2019 In High Asset Divorce

Baby boomers in Arizona and elsewhere may have been reluctant to maintain separate bank accounts and assets while married, but millennials appear to see things differently. As reported by CNBC, more than a quarter of millennials have decided to refrain from setting up joint accounts after getting married. 

How can you divide your business after a divorce?

Posted On October 3, 2019 In High Asset Divorce

No matter who you are, divorce is a life-changing event. It is one of the hardest events that a person has to go through and one of the most stressful. This is particularly true when the two of you own an Arizona business together.