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How does joint custody support your child?

Posted On June 12, 2020 In Child Custody

Arizona parents like you always try your best for your children. Even during divorce, your children are a top priority. You must ensure that the divorce affects them in as small a way as possible.

How to find hidden assets in your divorce

Posted On June 8, 2020 In High Asset Divorce

Hidden assets are a common issue in a divorce situation, but they do not have to be a problem in yours. In some cases, hiding assets is one spouse’s way of trying to walk away with more from the property division portion of the divorce.

Dividing your family business in a divorce

Posted On May 27, 2020 In High Asset Divorce

Many married couples start businesses together and may find that collaborating at work and at home brings them closer together. For some couples, however, the stress of being together professionally and personally may contribute to challenges in their marriage.

Motion to settle custody case by sword fight dismissed as absurd

Posted On May 22, 2020 In Child Custody

It goes without saying that child custody disputes can easily become contentious. As many people in Gilbert know, contention can often cause a person to act against their better judgment. Sadly, sometimes those actions result in violence; in other instances, simply saying something that one should not.