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Can I Date Other People While Separated in Arizona?

Posted On October 25, 2023 In Divorce

The divorce process is an emotional time. Divorcing spouses may be uncertain about what’s expected of them, especially during the time period between the initial separation and the divorce hearing. Every divorce in Arizona takes time—including a mandatory 60-day waiting period—but complex, contested divorces can take months or even a year or more to finalize.

How to Deal With a Threatening Spouse During a Divorce

Posted On October 11, 2023 In Divorce,Domestic Violence

Divorce is rarely easy, and an amicable divorce isn’t always an attainable goal. The majority of divorces in Arizona have at least some degree of contention over the separation of marital assets, child custody, or one spouse seeking spousal support from the other.

When Is It Time to Get a Divorce Lawyer?

Posted On September 12, 2023 In Divorce,Marriage

Everyone expects the best when they walk down the aisle surrounded by flowers, family, and friends, but sometimes life’s path takes a turn away from the marital journey and spouses find themselves moving in separate directions.

Can a Child Custody Order be Modified?

Posted On September 1, 2023 In Child Custody

A child custody order is an inflexible agreement. One parent cannot choose not to allow the other parent their court-ordered parenting time in Arizona. Fortunately, Arizona courts acknowledge that circumstances sometimes change, and when it comes to court orders regarding children, a legal process exists allowing them to make changes when circumstances warrant them.