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How a Family Law Attorney Can Help With Divorce

Posted On January 26, 2024 In Divorce,Family Law

Family law attorneys are the most widely used lawyers in the United States. These law firms have lawyers who are well-versed in all legal matters involving changes in family relationships from prenuptial agreements to child adoption.

What If My Future Spouse Disagrees to a Pre-Nup?

Posted On January 10, 2024 In Family Law,Marriage

Courtships and engagements are all about romantic dinners, walks on the beach, and wine and roses, but what happens when one party in the engagement disrupts the enchantment of planning a wedding and a happily ever after by asking for a prenuptial agreement and the other spouse reacts as though you stuck a pin in their floating balloon?

Is Family Court the Same as Divorce Court?

Posted On December 15, 2023 In Family Law

Family courts in Arizona and elsewhere deal with some of the most sensitive and intensely personal legal matters—those involving families. But are family courts and divorce courts the same? While family courtrooms are filled with divorce proceedings, and divorce-related disputes are the number one type of cases heard in family courts, there are no separate divorce courts.

What Does a Family Law Attorney Do?

Posted On November 30, 2023 In Family Law

Many people think of family lawyers as divorce attorneys, but a family law attorney represents clients in a wide array of family legal matters including more positive aspects of law, such as child adoption.