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How to Deal With a Threatening Spouse During a Divorce

Posted On October 11, 2023 In Divorce,Domestic Violence

Divorce is rarely easy, and an amicable divorce isn’t always an attainable goal. The majority of divorces in Arizona have at least some degree of contention over the separation of marital assets, child custody, or one spouse seeking spousal support from the other.

What Type of Evidence Do You Need for Domestic Violence Claims?

Posted On March 8, 2023 In Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse can be very difficult for victims to talk about. Many abuse victims have long histories of keeping the abuse they’ve suffered hidden so it becomes a challenge to overcome the strong feelings of shame and secrecy.

Can an Attorney Help Domestic Violence Cases?

Posted On July 13, 2022 In Domestic Violence

Domestic violence cases are serious criminal matters. The consequences of a domestic violence conviction can not only decide a person’s freedom but can also impact their future living arrangements, educational choices, and employment opportunities.