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Can an Attorney Help Domestic Violence Cases?

Posted On July 13, 2022 In Domestic Violence

Domestic violence cases are serious criminal matters. The consequences of a domestic violence conviction can not only decide a person’s freedom but can also impact their future living arrangements, educational choices, and employment opportunities.

Proving Financial Abuse in a Divorce

Posted On July 11, 2022 In Divorce

Proving domestic abuse is a daunting but defining element in a divorce. Only through establishing the abuse of a spouse, whether that abuse is physical, mental, emotional, or financial, can the victim gain the personal verification and legal footing they need to move forward with their next stage in life.

What is a Rule 69 Agreement?

Posted On June 18, 2022 In Divorce

In Arizona, a Rule 69 Agreement is a family law agreement available to parties in divorce and child custody cases. The Agreement allows parties to settle all or some of their issues on their own and leave only those matters on which they cannot agree to be decided by the family court.

Are There Consequences and Penalties for Hiding Assets in a Divorce?

Posted On June 11, 2022 In Divorce

Arizona is a community property state. Spouses share equal rights to marital income, real property, and financial information. Community property laws apply to all property acquired by either spouse during the marriage, with the exception of designated separate property of the spouses.