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Considering A Prenuptial Agreement?

When planning for your wedding, a prenuptial agreement is likely not your priority. Couples usually do not think of prenuptial agreements, which are also called premarital agreements or prenup, as romantic. However, couples are increasingly seeing prenuptial agreements as an extra measure of security as they build a future together. Prenup could protect both spouses from litigation and disputes if marital conflict, such as divorce, arises.

Discussing a prenuptial agreement with an attorney can help ease any concerns or questions either of you may be having about getting one. You may already have an existing prenuptial agreement and want to make sure your best interests are looked after. Or your partner may want to amend a portion of the agreement. No matter what your premarital contract issue may be, our experienced family law attorneys at Wilson-Goodman Law Group, PLLC, can help you.

Why Get A Prenup?

Protection is the main benefit of prenuptial agreements, and this protection manifests in many ways across a variety of issues, such as:

  • Fair division of marital property
  • Assets that you and your spouse had before marriage
  • Matters involving debt or creditors
  • Benefits, inheritance and trusts that children from a prior relationship may claim

Your prenuptial agreement can include many other types of protections. When drafting your contract with your spouse, you can customize the terms according to your situation, your needs and your personal goals.

However, Arizona has limitations regarding what you can determine with prenup. For example, issues involving child support or child custody cannot be specified ahead of time. In addition, you cannot include terms that are illegal, unenforceable or grossly unfair to either spouse. Therefore, before drafting and signing your prenuptial agreement, consult an attorney to make sure that your prenup will protect you if and when you need it most.

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