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Can the custodial parent move out of Arizona after divorce?

Posted On November 25, 2019 In Firm News

Whether you share custody or have visitation while the other parent has sole custody, Arizona does not allow either parent to move out of state with the children or a distance of more than 100 miles within the state if the move will harm the relationship with the other parent.

Using social media during your divorce

Posted On November 22, 2019 In Firm News

When it comes to getting a divorce, there are many things to keep in mind. People should be mindful of the legal challenges they may have to confront, such as working through a difficult dispute over child custody, paying child support or simply dealing with the stress of going to court.

Wealth does not make you immune to divorce

Posted On November 16, 2019 In High Asset Divorce

The leading cause of friction in Arizona marriages tends to be money. A disparity between incomes and/or credit scores can spell doom for a marriage within the first five years. That being the case, you may assume that having more money and/or better credit could make you less likely to divorce.

Arizona and Kentucky on top for child caregiving

Posted On October 23, 2019 In Child Support

When it comes to divorce proceedings, children are often the ones who suffer most.  Studies show that children with access to both parents help them to deal with life-altering events.  Fortunately, Arizona laws allow co-parenting to continue after separation, placing children first, no matter the circumstances.