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Dispelling myths about what divorce can do

Posted On December 30, 2019 In Firm News

Arizona couples who decide to divorce will have to pick through a lot of information. What is true and what is false? Sometimes it can be difficult to tell. Today we will examine some of the big myths about what a divorce can actually do for you.

First, a divorce cannot guarantee an equal split of your assets. The judge is usually the one who makes that decision, unless you are able to have an uncontested divorce. The judge is only operating on a small amount of information compared to what you and your spouse know. Sometimes the decisions they make are not as fair as you would like.

Second, divorce cannot guarantee your standard of living. Getting a divorce means you are halfing your income. There is no way for you to regain missing income unless you decide to take on a second job, and it is not the court’s business to help you do that. Many people readjust to life on a single-income household.

Third, getting a divorce does not mean your civil relations will improve. Just because you have worked out a visitation plan, that does not mean you have control over how your co-parent speaks of you in front of your child. Resentment can unfortunately linger, and bad feelings do not go away because a marriage is dissolved.

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