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The mental toll of divorce on your child

Posted On January 7, 2020 In Firm News

Divorcing Arizona parents have a lot to consider during their split. They have to handle legal matters alongside dealing with child custody and support. On top of everything, they want to preserve the well-being, health and happiness of their child. To do that, it is important to understand how divorce can affect children. 

VeryWell Family examines how divorce impacts children on a psychological level. Note that no matter how well parents tackle the topic of divorce, there will always be some sort of negative reaction. After all, divorce is the first finite “end” that many children experience. They are going through the loss of something they depend on. Many view their parents as a permanent fixture in their lives. Losing this will be a big hit. 

Some children cope better than others. Some are less well-equipped to handle big upsets in life. These children often turn to poor coping mechanics. They become agitated, anxious and depressed. Many can lash out at peers or authority figures. School-aged children may start getting into trouble with teachers. Acting out is often a way for a discontent child to express their unhappiness. 

Some children may internalize their distress. They may try to take the blame onto themselves. This can result in perfectionist tendencies. It can also lead to self-sabotaging behaviors and mindsets. To help their child get through divorce, parents must examine how they react. Based on that, they can take steps to correct harmful behavior. Supporting children through this period of turmoil is the key to ensuring they adapt well in the aftermath. 

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