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Can the DCSS Settlement Program help you?

Posted On April 15, 2020 In Child Support

Circumstances change, which may mean that you fall behind on your child support payments. It is often difficult to catch back up once you fall behind because you will have to pay more than your monthly payments to erase the amount in arrears.

Arizona and Kentucky on top for child caregiving

Posted On October 23, 2019 In Child Support

When it comes to divorce proceedings, children are often the ones who suffer most.  Studies show that children with access to both parents help them to deal with life-altering events.  Fortunately, Arizona laws allow co-parenting to continue after separation, placing children first, no matter the circumstances.

What are the rules for modifying child support?

Posted On August 10, 2019 In Child Support,Modifications

When you receive the first order to pay child support, it is not written in stone. Arizona has a process that allows you to modify your child support order at certain times.

What is the purpose of child support?

Posted On May 30, 2019 In Child Support

A divorce can be an emotionally and financially precarious time for an Arizona resident. If a person does not work outside the home because they support their family, they may worry about where they will come up with money to provide for their own post-divorce needs.