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Child Support Following a Parent’s Death

Posted On May 17, 2021 In Child Support

Child support can continue upon the death of the custodial or non-custodial parent.  It is prudent to take steps ahead of time to ensure this is the case for both your peace of mind and the financial well-being of your child.  

Parenting Through the COVID-19 Pandemic in Arizona

Posted On March 1, 2021 In Child Support

With life resuming a somewhat more normal course in Arizona, many separated and divorced parents have questions regarding how to co-parent at this stage of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Without stay-at-home orders in place, children are back at school and seeing their friends. 

If you lost your job, can you pay reduced child support?

Posted On July 2, 2020 In Child Support

In uncertain economic times, paying monthly bills can be tough. Rather than constantly worrying about not having enough money, you may want to look for ways to cut costs. Is your child support obligation on the table, though?

How does a child’s emancipation affect child support?

Posted On July 1, 2020 In Child Support

After divorcing your spouse, you may find yourself paying child support for your minor children.

In some circumstances, they may even emancipate themselves, which would lead to an adjusted child support plan for future payments.