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What are the rules for modifying child support?

Posted On August 10, 2019 In Child Support,Modifications

When you receive the first order to pay child support, it is not written in stone. Arizona has a process that allows you to modify your child support order at certain times. While you cannot request a modification too often or without a compelling reason, you still have options to ensure that you do not go into financial hardship because of paying support or that the order remains fair when situations change.

The Arizona Department of Economic Security explains child support modification may occur if you have a significant change in your household circumstances or if your child’s other parent to whom you pay child support experiences a significant change. This could be the loss of a job, a child leaving the home or a disability occurring. Whatever change occurs must be something that will continue. For example, if you are laid off for two weeks but know you will return to work after that two weeks, then this is not a continuing change, so it would not qualify for a modification.

You may make the request or the other parent may make the request. A modification may result in your child support going down or it could increase it. It depends on the change the prompted the modification.

Requesting a modification requires completing and submitting a modification packet. You may mail this to Child Support Services or take it to your local office. It may take some time for the processing of your packet. This information is for education only, and it is not legal advice. Our Chandler child support attorneys can help you today.