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Can the DCSS Settlement Program help you?

Posted On April 15, 2020 In Child Support

Circumstances change, which may mean that you fall behind on your child support payments. It is often difficult to catch back up once you fall behind because you will have to pay more than your monthly payments to erase the amount in arrears. When you already have problems with your income, this compounds things.

It can be easy to transition from falling behind to not paying at all because you cannot afford it. The whole goal of child support is to provide financial support for your child, so you clearly do not want to stop paying. One option you have to get your account current and help erase the amount in arrears is to use the Arizona Division of Child Support Services’ Settlement Program.

The program

According to the Arizona Department of Economic Security, the DCSS Settlement Program offers you a chance to settle your past-due child support. You have the option to offer a lump-sum payment or a three-month payment plan to pay off the amount you owe. The program connects you with the other parent who can then accept or refuse your settlement offer.

Making an offer

To make an offer, you should first make sure you can pay the amount you offer and ensure the offer is fair. For example, if you owe $600 and your offer is $100, then the chances are not good the other parent will accept it. Make sure you try to provide a reasonable offer. Remember if you cannot pay it all in one lump sum, you can make payments over three months.

To submit your settlement offer, you will contact your local DCSS office. The DCSS will provide the other parent with the offer.