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Celebrity custody battle offers lessons to Arizona parents

Posted On November 15, 2018 In Child Custody

Once the partners to one of Hollywood’s most powerful couples, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have since divorced and gone to war over how they will raise their six children. The pair has sparred over the important topic of child custody before, and recently, it has been announced that they will return to court in December to once again address how they will manage their responsibilities to their children.

Their dispute may be heavily publicized, but it is not unique. Arizona parents may find themselves in similarly contentious scenarios as they work through their divorces and discover that they and their exes do not see eye-to-eye on how they will each be involved in their children’s futures. When parents cannot work out their own custody disagreements they, like Jolie and Pitt, may have to go to court for help.

It is reported that Jolie currently has primary physical custody of the kids, which means that the children live with her. Pitt is fighting this arrangement and is seeking to share custody with Jolie, which would give him an opportunity to have the children stay with him. Jolie wishes to have sole custody of their six kids.

Their impasse has set them on a course to air their differences before a judge and for the court to weigh in on how best to serve the needs of the children. Since child custody cases often turn on how to meet children’s needs, the outcome of the Jolie-Pitt case may be very different from how a reader’s child custody matter is resolved. The guidance of a Chandler family law attorney may be of benefit to a reader who wants more advice on how to manage their child custody disputes.