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What is included in a child support order?

Posted On November 29, 2018 In Child Support

Ensuring that a child has adequate support to live their best possible life is a difficult job for Arizona parents. When those parents choose to separate or to go through divorces, their job becomes even more difficult as they must balance their own needs and work together to properly care for their shared children. In some cases, parents may need to turn to the courts to work out child support orders that will dictate how they will each work to support their kids.

Child support orders must include some basic information about the child support relationship that exists between the parents and child. An order must identify which parent is responsible for providing periodic payments, how much those payments must be for and when they must be received. Since minor children generally do not receive their own support payments, an adult should also be named in an order to receive and manage the support money that the identified parent provides to them.

In Arizona, child support is determined by guidelines and a formula. Many factors may be included in the determination of how much support a child should receive. Children’s individual needs, parents’ salaries and other factors can change the amount of money a responsible parent must provide to help their child have what they need to live.

Child support orders are drafted based on the needs and circumstances that affect individual children and families. While the same set of guidelines may be used as the bases for child support orders, different factors will impact how they are applied in different family law cases. A Chandler child support attorney can assist parents as they figure out just how to serve their kids’ needs through child support.