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Is Arizona a Community Property State?

Posted On April 19, 2022 In Divorce

Arizona is a community property state. In fact, it is one of only nine in the United States. There are some common misconceptions regarding what is considered community property in an Arizona marriage and how community property is divided in an Arizona divorce.

How Should I File My Taxes While Going Through an Arizona Divorce?

Posted On April 12, 2022 In Divorce

If you are contemplating an Arizona divorce or are in the midst of a divorce, you may be concerned about your tax filing status. The following is a brief overview of matters to consider when approaching tax filing season with your soon-to-be ex-spouse.

How to Keep Your Pension in an Arizona Divorce

Posted On March 22, 2022 In Divorce

Arizona is a community property state. Therefore, both spouses share equitably in all property acquired, earned, and purchased during the marriage. This includes not only houses, cars, and tangible goods but also retirement assets like pensions, 401k, and IRA accounts.

Annulment Vs. Divorce in Arizona

Posted On March 15, 2022 In Annulment,Divorce

People often wonder about annulments in Arizona and if there are benefits to ending their marriage through the annulment process. While an annulment may seem like another type of divorce, the two legal proceedings are quite different and can render very different results for divorcing spouses.