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What events can terminate a child support order?

Posted On October 11, 2018 In Child Support

Child support is an important obligation that a parent has with regard to their child. In Arizona, a parent may be ordered to pay child support to provide their child with their basic necessities and other requirements.

Why is only one parent usually ordered to pay child support?

Posted On September 13, 2018 In Child Support

Without the financial support of their parents, Arizona children would struggle to have their most basic needs met. They may go without enough food or may live without protective shelters around them.

What child support enforcement remedies can be used in Arizona?

Posted On August 15, 2018 In Child Support

When parents in Arizona part ways, it is important that the children from the relationship are supported. In most cases, there will be a parent who is ordered to pay child support.

Discuss possible child support changes before it is too late

Posted On July 5, 2018 In Child Support

During the summer it can be especially hard for children to think about going back to school. After wrapping up the academic year, kids in Arizona are often more focused on having fun and seeing their friends than they are on preparing to get back into their classrooms in the fall.