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Discuss possible child support changes before it is too late

Posted On July 5, 2018 In Child Support

During the summer it can be especially hard for children to think about going back to school. After wrapping up the academic year, kids in Arizona are often more focused on having fun and seeing their friends than they are on preparing to get back into their classrooms in the fall. However, their parents do not have the luxury of putting their lives on hold for the summer. The summer is often a good time for parents to make custodial and financial plans for their kids as they move closer to the coming school years.

For example, during the summer a child may transition out of one school and into another, such as from their elementary school to a middle school or from a public school into a private school. Those transitions may impose new expectations and costs on the child and custodial parent. Rather than waiting until the expenses associated with their new school are upon them, parents may wish to discuss their anticipated support needs with their family law attorneys.

The attorneys of the Wilson-Goodman Law Group understand that change is hard for kids and that parents want to do what is best to ease the stress on them. By working ahead of their needs for modified support, parents can have plans in place to ensure that their children have the financial support that they need before they are expected to endeavor into new academic environments.

The Wilson-Goodman Law Group is located in Phoenix and maintains a comprehensive website on its family law practice. Readers of this post are invited to visit the firm’s webpage on child support in Chandler, AZ as they prepare to make changes in their support needs for their children’s futures.