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Finding financial health after a divorce

Posted On February 15, 2018 In High Asset Divorce

It should be no surprise to readers of this Arizona family law blog that ending a marriage and dividing a single home into two households can be expensive. A couple that shares a mortgage may find itself paying that mortgage and rent for one of the partners to live in a residence other than the marital home; to support that second address the individuals both must pay utilities, buy household goods and attend to many of the other costs that are needed for a person to live on their own.

A divorce should not result in financial suffering

Posted On February 8, 2018 In Alimony

While some people may believe that deciding to divorce is an easy choice, for many it is a difficult process that requires them to weigh a number of personal factors and options.

Can I move if I share physical custody of my child?

Posted On February 2, 2018 In Child Custody

It is not uncommon for Arizona residents to change jobs over the course of their careers. In fact, some individuals may even change industries or occupational paths that take them on very different courses of life.

Ways a man may be proven to be a child’s father

Posted On January 25, 2018 In Fathers' Rights

Although their relationships do not always last, men and women who reside in Arizona bring children into the world that they must raise and care for until the children are no longer dependents.