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Legal help for the enforcement of child support orders

Posted On October 25, 2018 In Child Support

When an Arizona court issues an order regarding the actions the parties are to take following the conclusion of their hearing, the mandates included in that order are subject to particular enforcement efforts. For example, if a parent is ordered by a court to provide their child with financial support, then that parent may face sanctions if they do not follow through on their directive.

In some cases, a parent may find that the wages they earn from their employment have been garnished so that the collected funds may be applied to their child support obligation. In other situations, a parent may be found to be in contempt of their order and could face time in jail, if they do not honor the commands the court has issued to them through the child support order.

Whether a parent is on the side of seeking enforcement of a court order for child support or struggling to make payments and fearful of being penalized for their child support delinquencies, they can get help. Attorneys who work in the family law field are well-positioned to advise their clients of their rights to get their kids the support they need and to help individuals who have faced obstacles to maintaining the timely payment of support to their kids.

The Chandler child support lawyers of the Wilson-Goodman Law Group know that life can present challenges to families and that financial issues are often at the heart of struggles between married and formerly married individuals. However, child support orders issued by courts are enforceable and are issued to ensure that kids have the support they need to live. Parents who are struggling with child support enforcement issues are encouraged to contact the firm to learn more about what they can do to end their child support problems.