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Managing alimony when a payer loses their job

Posted On October 31, 2018 In Alimony

There are certain expenses that Arizona residents just cannot avoid paying. For example, if they do not own their home outright, then they are generally bound to pay monthly rent or mortgage payments to keep rooves over their heads. Additionally, individuals usually cannot avoid paying for the purchases that they acquire through the use of their credit cards.

Another type of expense that cannot be ignored is one that is imposed by judicial order. During divorces and other family law proceedings, courts can require individuals to pay child support and alimony and those requirements are mandated by judicial power. The failure of a person to make complete and timely payments can result in sanctions and findings of contempt.

However, keeping up with one’s alimony payments can be next to impossible if they lose their job or are forced to take on employment that significantly lowers their income. Alimony payments are in part based on the capacity of a person to pay their ex and if a payer loses their source of income then both their ability to take care of themselves and their ability to keep up with alimony can be threatened.

When a payer loses their job they may be able to seek a modification to their alimony order. A modification can lower a person’s monthly payments to their ex and may help them find new payment terms that are possible to meet given their changed financial circumstances. It is important that payers who experience a loss of income seek modifications soon after their circumstances change, and those who require this action may wish to do so with the help of a Chandler family law attorney.