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Fighting Family Offenses And Related Charges

In addition to mandatory classes, heavy fines and potential jail time, a domestic violence conviction requires you to give up your right to carry firearms. If you are a law enforcement or corrections officer or an avid sportsman, losing your right to use a gun is a very serious matter.

At the Arizona law firm of Wilson-Goodman Law Group, PLLC, our Queen Creek and Gilbert domestic violence defense attorneys are here to aggressively defend you against charges that could ruin your career, take away your freedom and negatively affect you in countless other ways. We are ready and able to fight for your rights under the law.

Understanding Domestic Violence In Arizona

In Arizona, the phrase “domestic violence” is a tag that attaches to a host of other crimes. The tag gets added on to the underlying crime based on the relationship between the people involved. For example, an argument between two strangers could be charged as a disorderly conduct. An argument between a husband and wife could be charged as a disorderly conduct-domestic violence.

Crimes that can have the domestic violence allegation attached to them include assault, criminal damage, criminal trespass, interference with judicial proceedings (violating an order of protection), threatening and intimidating, endangerment, harassment, custodial interference, unlawful imprisonment, child or vulnerable adult abuse, kidnapping and any dangerous crime against children.

Orders Of Protection And Injunctions Against Harassment

Interference with judicial proceedings (violating an order of protection or injunction against harassment) is an especially difficult issue. Many times, there will be an order of protection issued and then the parties will reconcile without dismissing the order. The order still exists until the court dismisses it, and many people have been charged with a crime even though they both were in agreement to have contact with one another.

Once again, it is important to make sure you have a lawyer who will be able to show the state that you don’t deserve to be criminally prosecuted, as well as being able to instruct you as to what you can and cannot do if an order is issued and upheld.

Call Our Attorney For Alleged Spousal Abuse Charges Defense

You have the right to a hearing to have a judge decide whether or not there is a legitimate basis for any order or injunction against you. Our law firm has extensive experience defending against orders of protection, injunctions against harassment and other domestic assault charges.

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