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Helping Clients With Child Support Or Enforcement Orders

Child support in Arizona is based upon certain state guidelines. Just because it is calculated according to a formula, however, does not mean that you can easily represent yourself. The many numbers that go into that formula are often highly debatable. You must know how to read and interpret tax returns and financial statements, navigate numerous court rules, and you must know the law on contested issues such as using gifts and second jobs. That is why it is wise to engage the help of an experienced child support attorney.

At Wilson-Goodman Law Group, PLLC, our Queen Creek and Gilbert child support establishment and enforcement lawyers will explain your rights, represent you in court and uphold your best interests. We represent clients throughout Maricopa County and Pinal County.

Seeking Child Support Or Enforcing Child Support Orders

Once a divorce case has begun in court, either spouse may ask for temporary financial support for a child. This temporary order lasts until the divorce is finalized, after which a permanent child support order typically takes effect. If you have questions about the amount of child support that you may be required to pay or that you are entitled to receive, you can talk to the experienced advocates at Wilson-Goodman Law Group, PLLC, about the state child support calculator. Our Arizona child support lawyers can help you with your initial divorce request for child support, post-decree enforcement of child support orders and requests for child support modifications. We represent both mothers and fathers in child support disputes, and our law firm can capably assist you if you are:

  • A parent with a child support order who is not receiving the financial support to which you are entitled by law
  • A parent who has actually paid the court-ordered amount of child support but is being threatened with legal action for nonpayment
  • An unmarried parent seeking to establish parentage/paternity and secure child support from the other parent
  • A parent seeking to change the child support order because of a change in financial or personal circumstances

Consult Our Lawyer About Child Support

To learn more about child support in Arizona or to seek enforcement of a child support order, arrange a confidential consultation at Wilson-Goodman Law Group, PLLC, by calling (480) 503-9217 or filling out our online contact form.