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Can an Attorney Help Domestic Violence Cases?

Posted On July 13, 2022 In Domestic Violence

Domestic violence cases are serious criminal matters. The consequences of a domestic violence conviction can not only decide a person’s freedom but can also impact their future living arrangements, educational choices, and employment opportunities. Hiring a domestic violence attorney immediately following an arrest is vital to minimizing these consequences and securing the most favorable outcome possible.

The following article explains how a domestic violence attorney can help you or someone you know resolve a domestic violence case in Phoenix.

Domestic Violence Attorneys are Sources of Information

Most alleged offenders are unfamiliar with Arizona’s domestic violence laws and procedures. An attorney will explain these laws and the court process to their client. They will ensure their client is aware of their legal rights and does not relinquish any of these during a court appearance.

With the help of an attorney, an alleged offender will be aware of all their court dates and the reason for any hearings. They will also have their attorney on hand to answer any questions as they arise.

Domestic Violence Cases are Prosecuted by the State

Once domestic violence is reported to law enforcement and a criminal charge is filed, it is a criminal matter. The state is prosecuting the case, not the victim. The victim may choose not to cooperate with the case, but it is not their choice to drop it.

The state’s attorney will present a case against the alleged offender. Therefore, the accused must have a domestic violence attorney to defend them from the state’s evidence.

A domestic violence attorney will conduct an investigation, review any evidence, and present a logical, well-reasoned argument on behalf of their client before the court. Or, they may negotiate with the state beforehand to have the case dismissed or changed to a lesser offense.

These actions require an attorney with experience in domestic violence law and a working knowledge of the court and local prosecutor to achieve a desirable result.

Domestic Violence Cases can be Complicated

There are several types of domestic violence, and not all involve physical harm. An alleged offender can be prosecuted for intimidation, stalking, and much more. Disproving these domestic violence charges can be complicated, even if they are false.

A domestic violence attorney will start gathering evidence immediately to defend their client. This includes discovery materials from the state’s attorney, 911 emergency call tapes, police camera footage, and eyewitness reports.

The court must have all the evidence available to make a fair ruling on the domestic violence case. An attorney will ensure this is provided and presented in the best light possible.

Speak with an Experienced Arizona Domestic Violence Attorney

If you need help with a domestic violence case, contact the legal professionals at Wilson-Goodman, PLLC. We will answer your legal questions and work with you to form a legal strategy based on the evidence available in your case.

Do not leave your domestic violence case to chance. A criminal record can affect your opportunity to co-parent, seek gainful employment, and maintain a positive reputation in the community.

Reach out to Wilson-Goodman Law Group, PLLC, in Phoenix today to discuss your domestic violence case.