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How is child custody determined in Arizona?

Posted On June 13, 2019 In Child Custody

Parents facing child custody concerns in Arizona may wonder how they will be addressed through the family law process. It is important for them to ensure that all of their questions are answered and concerns handled because of how important child custody concerns are to children and families.

Visitation may be ordered in lieu of custody

Posted On May 24, 2019 In Child Custody

Parents who separate or divorce and share minor children generally must stay involved with each other until their children reach the age of majority. When a parental relationship dissolves, the parties may work together or go to court to settle how they will contribute to the welfare and development of their children.

Custody, emergencies, and parents’ rights

Posted On April 10, 2019 In Child Custody

Child custody is a complicated legal issue that can be treated very differently depending upon the needs and circumstances of an Arizona family’s situation. Because of this, it is important that individuals discuss their independent custody questions with their family law attorneys.

Will I be awarded legal custody of my child?

Posted On January 10, 2019 In Child Custody

One of the toughest jobs that Phoenix parents may face when they decide to divorce is finding a way to help their children adjust to their new lives. Children often thrive in stable environments, and the stress of a divorce can throw their lives into chaos.