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When an ex threatens to restrict access to the kids

Posted On December 5, 2019 In Child Custody

There are a lot of hurdles that people may have to work through when they get a divorce. For some, the entire process may be somewhat straightforward without very many complications. For others, however, getting a divorce can be extremely tough, especially if one’s former spouse wants to make things difficult. From false allegations of domestic violence to financial worries and even threatening to restrict access to one’s children, there are many reasons why it can be hard to work through the divorce process (and deal with post-divorce issues) when an ex wants to create problems.

There are various factors that contribute to one parent restricting the other parent from having access to a child. Sometimes, these actions are taken as a result of domestic violence or sexual abuse. However, many people have been unable to spend time with their kids because their ex is bitter about an affair, the divorce or some other issue. It is extremely important for parents who are worried about losing the ability to be with their children to look into their rights and know which legal strategies may help protect their relationship with their kids.

This can be an extremely stressful ordeal, but parents should not let their worries get in the way of their custody case or their pursuit of visitation rights. There are a lot of different factors that need to be taken into consideration when these hardships come up and a child’s well-being should always be at the forefront of every parent’s mind. Unfortunately, some let their personal grudges get in the way of that. Our Chandler child visitation attorneys can help.