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Will I be awarded legal custody of my child?

Posted On January 10, 2019 In Child Custody

One of the toughest jobs that Phoenix parents may face when they decide to divorce is finding a way to help their children adjust to their new lives. Children often thrive in stable environments, and the stress of a divorce can throw their lives into chaos. Parents who support the best interests of their kids and who make reasonable decisions about their futures can often foster supportive transitions for their children as their families go through divorces.

Child custody is the legal process of establishing the care and support of children who will no longer live with both of their parents in a single home. It involves deciding where the kids will live, if and when they will transition between their parents’ residences and which parent or parents will have the right to make decisions about their care. While physical custody concerns where a child will live, legal custody concerns how and who may make decisions about the kids’ lives

Individual cases of child custody will turn on the specific facts that relate to the families’ lives. If a parent has a history of abusing or neglecting their children, then they may not have a strong case for fighting for the right to provide care for their kids after their divorce. However, a parent does not have to be awarded physical custody in order to be given the right of legal custody once their marriage is over.

Parents who are worried about their kids and how their custodial battles will be resolved should seek the guidance of our Chandler family law attorneys. Divorce is a difficult process, but legal professionals can help families make responsible decisions about how to approach their futures.