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Why might a man be asked to submit to DNA testing?

Posted On December 5, 2018 In Fathers' Rights

Presumptions govern many of the parental commitments that men take on. This is because while maternity can be proven when a child is born, it is not always as clear to determine what man was responsible for the child’s conception before birth. However, in situations where a Phoenix man is happily married to his wife, it is generally presumed that he is the father of the child that she delivers.

When a presumption does not support paternity, though, science must take on an important role in establishing such a link between a man and child. This can be achieved through different forms of genetic testing. Both blood and DNA testing can be used to demonstrate a man’s likelihood of being a child’s biological father.

Therefore, a man may be asked to submit to DNA or blood testing to prove if he is or is not genetically linked to a child. DNA testing is a more accurate method of comparing genetic material between a prospective father and child. If a mother does not know which of several men is the father of her child, all possible fathers can be tested and have their DNA compared to that of the child for a determination of paternity.

Finding out that a man is a father through DNA testing can be a life-altering experience. Not all individuals are confident regarding the important legal steps they must take to protect their parental rights and to meet their fatherly obligations. After being asked to submit to DNA testing, a man may want to seek the counsel of a Chandler family law attorney he trusts so that he can prepare himself for whatever happens.