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What happens if I outlive my ex who pays me alimony?

Posted On April 6, 2018 In Alimony

The financial support that a Phoenix resident receives from their former spouse can be an important part of the income they need to survive. If the payer of alimony passes on before the recipient, the recipient can be left in a difficult situation wherein they must still go on living but potentially without the money they need. Although all cases of alimony should be reviewed with attorneys who practice family law, in some cases the payer of alimony may continue to be responsible for providing for their ex even after their death.

If the recipient of alimony is determined to require support for the rest of their life, such as if they are unable to work due to age or infirmity, then a payer may be required to provide them with support through their estate. Consultation with legal professionals can be an important part of ensuring this important requirement is met.

Also, if an alimony recipient is to receive support until their death, support may come in the form of a life insurance policy taken out by the payer and payable upon that party’s death. These are only simplified discussions of how alimony-after-death requirements may be satisfied, and readers are reminded that this post does not contain legal advice.

Without alimony, some men and women may struggle to make ends meet and to pay off their basic necessities. Their needs do not end when their ex-spouses pass on, and for this reason alimony may continue beyond the death of a payer. Other events may bring alimony obligations to a close, though, and those to believe that they will receive support until the ends of their lives may face challenges if their financial circumstances change over time. Contact our Chandler alimony attorneys today.