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Social demographics play a role in changing divorce rate

Posted On October 4, 2018 In High Asset Divorce

It is an often-noted statistic that around one out of every two American marriages ends in divorce. That is to say, about half of all couples who choose to marry will eventually end up in divorce court, sorting out the ends of their relationships. However, younger Americans may be changing this trend and individuals in Arizona and around the rest of the country may be witnessing social changes that have contributed to a dropping national divorce rate.

For example, research into the topic suggests that younger adults are making different decisions about marriage than their older family members did. They tend to wait longer to get married, often securing their careers before deciding to commit themselves to martial relationships. Additionally, more young people are choosing to simply not get married and instead live with their partners in co-habitational arrangements.

The attainment of higher education by women has also contributed to the dropping trend of American divorces. As women are able to secure better education and therefore better jobs once they graduate, they are finding that they are less dependent on their spouses for financial support than they were in generations past. Education, age, and financial security are all factors that seem to support the trend of dwindling divorces.

However, despite the trends reported across the nation, Arizona couples are still finding that in some situations they cannot live with their differences. They elect to engage with the legal process of ending their marriages in order to re-establish themselves as single individuals. Divorce is a personal issue and no matter what happens with others across the country, individuals have the power to make their own decisions about divorce with the help of our Chandler divorce attorneys.