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Posted On February 14, 2019 In Fathers' Rights

Becoming a parent is a wonderful, terrifying and life-changing experience. No matter how much a Phoenix resident attempts to prepare for the day their child is born into the world, they cannot anticipate the many questions, concerns and other issues that they will face when their baby is finally in their arms. Many of the problems that new parents run into are universal and experienced by individuals across the world. Some, however, are unique and require distinctive experience and support to resolve.

One of those issues is paternity. While it is generally straightforward to identify a child’s mother as she is the individual who gives birth to the baby, identifying the child’s father may be considerably more complicated. A father may know in his heart that he is the biological parent to a child, but depending upon circumstances related to him, his relationship with the child’s mother and her intentions, he may be left off of the child’s birth certificate.

Getting recognized as a legitimate, biological parent to a child is an important step in a man’s plight to exercise his fathers’ rights over his child. Paternity and the proceedings that surround it can be complicated legal endeavors and those who want to fight for their children and their rights to be recognized as parents may need strong legal representation.

The Wilson-Goodman Law Group works with fathers who want the best for their children and who wish to be recognized as parents. Through case-specific guidance and individualized support, the attorneys of the firm support men and their efforts to establish their parental rights. The law firm is open and available to new father’s rights clients and supports them as they fight to be recognized and parents.