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How does joint custody support your child?

Posted On June 12, 2020 In Child Custody

Arizona parents like you always try your best for your children. Even during divorce, your children are a top priority. You must ensure that the divorce affects them in as small a way as possible. One way to do that is to examine your custody options with care. 

Joint custody is not possible for everyone. But if it is possible for you, this option can benefit your child. It provides them with crucial stability. This supports them throughout the rest of their life. 

Shared custody helps with mental and emotional stress 

Divorce Magazine discusses many of the benefits of shared or joint custody. Studies show that joint custody has tangible benefits for children of divorce. Joint custody kids often have fewer struggles with depression or anxiety. They have a lower rate of more severe afflictions such as post traumatic stress disorder. They do not struggle to make connections with peers as much. They often get into less trouble with authority figures. 

Professionals speculate that this is due to the security they feel in their home life. Divorce upsets the routine of any child. At younger ages, this disruption often has devastating impacts on their mental health. This is because routine and stability are key components of a child’s safety network. 

The importance of continued routine 

It is easier to maintain routine in a joint custody. Some changes are unavoidable. But this way, a child retains their ability to see both parents semi-regularly. Not only that, but parents of joint custody are more likely to cooperate with one another. This creates a more amenable atmosphere. The lack of hostility helps your child, too. This is another key component to their well-being to keep in mind. Call our Chandler child custody lawyers today.