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How can interference impact a father’s rights to see his kids?

Posted On March 15, 2019 In Fathers' Rights

Ending a relationship can cause significant changes in the way that two parents choose to co-parent their children. Aside from the upheaval of having to live in separate homes and potentially shuttle their children from residence to residence to comply with the terms of their custody agreement or order, Arizona parents may have to overcome differences between them in order to serve their kids’ needs. When parents choose to use their children to antagonize each other, parental interference may become an issue.

A father who has limited time with his child may suffer parental interference if his co-parent is intentionally late to drop off times or when the child transitions between the parents’ homes. When one parent makes it more difficult for the other to effectively use the time that they have with their child, they may be in violation of their child custody plan and may be sanctioned for their actions.

Parental interference does not only apply to situations when a child is being moved from home to home. It may also occur if a parent prevents the child from communicating with their other parent when the child is in the home of the interfering individual. A parent who cuts off phone calls, reads over text messages, or otherwise inhibits communication between their co-parent and child may be negatively impacting that important parent-child relationship.

When parental interference occurs it can cause a father to loose important time with his kids. If it occurs, individuals should discuss their rights with their Chandler divorce attorney to find out what options they may have. They may be able to prevent interference from continuing to occur to better utilize the precious time they have with their children.