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How can a man challenge the paternity of a child?

Posted On February 22, 2018 In Fathers' Rights

It is often the case that when an Arizona man learns that he will be a father that he embraces his new role and the prospects of being involved in his child’s life. Becoming a parent is a huge step and while not every person who finds out that they are expecting a child is prepared for the news, most rise to the occasion to provide their children with opportunities and love.

However, on occasion, a man may be told that he will be a father, and he may be doubtful of such news. Being named the father of a child can be financially and legally significant, and if the man is confident that he is not the child’s father, then he may wish to fight the claims to avoid becoming the victim of paternity fraud. This post will touch on some of the ways that paternity challenges may occur, and readers who wish to pursue these and other efforts, should consult with attorneys who advocate for fathers’ rights.

First, a man may challenge the veracity of lab results that suggest he is the child’s father. Results can be compromised in a number of ways, from direct tampering to poor laboratory practices that allow test materials to become tainted. Demonstrating that genetic evidence is not sound is one way to challenge alleged paternity.

Second, a man may challenge paternity claims by proving that he cannot have children. Sterility or infertility issues can prevent a man from fathering a child and can be used as evidence of the impossibility of his being a biological father.

Finally, when a man is married to the child’s mother, he may prove that the mother was unfaithful during their union. While a baby born to a married couple is often presumed to be the offspring of the husband, adultery can result in the baby being fathered by a third party to the marriage. Our Chandler paternity dispute attorneys can help you with all these matters.