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Fathers deserve a fair opportunity to be with their kids

Posted On May 11, 2018 In Fathers' Rights

Parents in Arizona understand the special love that can only develop between them and their children. Loving a child is like no other experience, and even when children misbehave and make them crazy, parents would do anything to ensure their kids’ health and happiness. This strong connection does not diminish when parents choose to separate or divorce from their partners and create custodial and visitation schedules through which to share their children.

Often, though, it may seem that courts prefer to give mothers more time with the divorcing couples’ children. Mothers may appear to receive more judgments of sole physical custody or may be granted the bulk of the time in shared physical custody arrangements. Even if the parents share equally in the legal custody of their children, a father may find that at the end of this divorce his connection to his children is diminished.

Families must work out the arrangements that best serve the kids and the parents, but that does not mean that fathers have to give up their rights to be with their children. Whether through physical custody or adequate visitation time, a father can fight for his right to physically share time with his children.

The Wilson-Goodman Law Group respects the important role that fathers play in the lives of their kids and supports men who want a fair fight to preserve those important bonds. The attorneys of the firm are committed fathers’ rights advocates and help their clients approach their custody and visitation questions with honest and case-specific legal guidance. To learn more about the practice, readers are invited to contact our Chandler family law attorneys today.