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Ending a marriage with a narcissist

Posted On March 31, 2020 In High Asset Divorce

Divorce is difficult, even when the other spouse is willing to communicate and compromise. Divorcing someone who is narcissistic can be a nightmare. 

A narcissist is someone who has heightened levels of self-obsession, is arrogant, has a sense of entitlement and lacks empathy for others. When ending a marriage with someone like this, it is important to understand the signs of a narcissist and how to handle the divorce process. 

Narcissistic traits 

According to Psychology Today, mediation and negotiation will not work when divorcing a narcissist. People with this personality like to be in a power position, and the courtroom allows them to play games and do what it takes to win. Because a narcissist does not feel empathy towards others, there is no consideration as to how the behaviors affect the soon-to-be ex-spouse or even the children. During the divorce process, a narcissist does whatever is necessary to stay in control. 

Tactics a narcissist takes in the courtroom  

A spouse who is getting a divorce from someone with a narcissistic personality should expect the process to take a long time due to requested delays, motion filings and other tactics to extend the process. According to PsychCentral, narcissistic traits will shine during the courtroom battle. The spouse will act like the victim and use charming behavior towards attorneys, friends and judges. 

Some of the tactics of bait and switch include accusations, gifting, blowups and innocent delays. Another common tactic is to scare the spouse by giving the silent treatment, alienating the spouse and verbal assaults. The narcissist will also take the other spouse on a rollercoaster ride of promises and emotions. 

Once a spouse understands the typical behaviors and tactics taken by a narcissist, he or she can clearly think and make better, more confident decisions. Our Chandler divorce attorneys can help.