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Custody, emergencies, and parents’ rights

Posted On April 10, 2019 In Child Custody

Child custody is a complicated legal issue that can be treated very differently depending upon the needs and circumstances of an Arizona family’s situation. Because of this, it is important that individuals discuss their independent custody questions with their family law attorneys.

Past posts on this blog have discussed the differences between joint and sole custody, as well as legal and physical custody. Parents may share custody of their kids, but that does not mean that each will see their children each and every day. In fact, based upon a schedule that works for them, parents may have their kids several days per week, while their former spouse has them the other days.

When a child is in the custody of one parent and suffers a medical emergency, it may seem as though both parents should have the right to be involved in how the child is cared for. This can be difficult, however, since the child’s injuries or illness may require fast attention and one parent may not be immediately available. Therefore, even when parents share custody of their kids, the parent who is the custodian of the child at the time an emergency occurs generally may make decisions about their care in order to serve their child’s needs.

A parent who has custody of their child but is not consulted for guidance when that child is hurt may feel as though their rights have been violated. Whenever questions regarding child custody and parental rights arise, it is important that parents discuss their concerns with legal professionals they know and trust.