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Court orders celebrity parents to find balance with children

Posted On June 20, 2018 In Fathers' Rights

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are two of the biggest names in entertainment. When the two married several years ago their union was celebrated by millions of people around the world. However, a few years later the pair separated and divorced, throwing chaos into the lives of their six children.

While most parents in Arizona do not need to work out the overwhelming schedules of celebrities, they may relate to the challenges that Jolie and Pitt have faced as they have attempted to co-parent their six kids. For example, Jolie has relocated to Europe for work with the children, while Pitt holds residence in the United States. Recently, however, a court has ruled that Jolie must ensure that the children have time with their father, as his absence may be detrimental to them.

Five of Jolie and Pitt’s children are required to spend a court-established about of time with their father, although their oldest child has been deemed mature enough to make his own decisions on where he will spend his time. The judge in the matter noted that Jolie may lose custodial rights over the children if she fails to allow Pitt access to their children.

Any parent can struggle with custody matters, from famous Hollywood stars to parents in Phoenix who just want the best for their kids. Our readers who are having problems finding common ground with their ex-spouses regarding the time that they spend with their kids may wish to learn more about their legal options for balancing custody. Many issues, such as relocation, child preferences and parental interference, can render custody and parenting plans unworkable and in need of changes. Our Chandler family law attorneys are ready to help you today.