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Can child support money be used to pay the rent?

Posted On April 27, 2018 In Child Support

There is a wide range of expenses to which child support payments may be applied. Individuals in Phoenix who have case-specific questions about how child support is being used in their familial situations should bring their concerns up with their family law attorneys. This post will discuss one general question in the very complex topic of child support and readers are reminded that its contents should be read as information only.

Many people think of child support as money that only applies to what a child individually needs. For example, they may believe that child support money may be used to buy the child clothing or school supplies but that it cannot be used in ways that may benefit others. This is not always the case. A parent who has sole physical custody of a child and to whom child support is paid by the other parent may apply child support money to maintaining housing for the child.

A parent with sole custody of their child may not be able to afford a two bedroom home on their own salary, but they may require such accommodations due to the presence of their child through their custody arrangement. With the help of child support money that parent may be able to secure appropriate housing for themselves and the child that would otherwise be financially out of reach.

Child support may be used to provide for a child’s needs in many different ways. From housing and food to entertainment and transportation, parents have some discretion with regard to how child support payments are used. However, for the best information related to a particular legal case, readers should seek their own legal advice from our trusted Chandler family law attorneys. You can contact us here.