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Building a strong case for alimony during an Arizona divorce

Posted On September 6, 2018 In Alimony

It is not uncommon for an Arizona resident to spend years of their life laboring away at important work that may never yield a paycheck. They may take a lead role in raising their children, and they may take on the heavy responsibility of managing a family home while their spouse works to support them and their dependents with an income. A person may give up opportunities to advance their career or increase their education because it is the best choice for their family as a whole.

Last week this divorce and family law blog discussed the factors that courts can consider when they decide if alimony should be awarded during divorce proceedings. Some of the most significant factors that can play into an alimony award are those just mentioned: the contributions that a person may make to their partner and family that do not necessarily reap financial benefits.

When a person who has spent their entire life taking care of others finds themselves in the difficult position of ending their marriage, they may be scared of just how they will be able to get on without their soon-to-be ex’s financial help. A person whose marriage ends and who has no means of earning a sufficient income may be able to build a strong case to demonstrate their true need for post-marital support in the form of alimony.

The Chandler divorce attorneys of the Wilson-Goodman Law Group aggressively advocate for their clients’ needs, including when those needs require the payment of alimony. They are available to provide new clients with the legal tools and information they need to begin creating legal strategies to include alimony requests in their divorce proceedings.