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Parenting Through the COVID-19 Pandemic in Arizona

Posted On March 1, 2021 In Child Support

With life resuming a somewhat more normal course in Arizona, many separated and divorced parents have questions regarding how to co-parent at this stage of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Without stay-at-home orders in place, children are back at school and seeing their friends. 

How to Get An Annulment in Arizona

Posted On February 8, 2021 In Annulment

Annulment is an often misunderstood legal concept.  A civil annulment is wholly separate from a religious annulment.  The church grants a religious annulment, and religious annulments have no bearing on civil legal status.

When Should I Request a Psychological Evaluation in a Child Custody Case?

Posted On February 1, 2021 In Child Custody

You should request a psychological evaluation in a child custody case if and when you suspect your spouse is suffering from an untreated mental health issue that could affect the overall health, safety, and well-being of your child or children. 

When are Drug and Alcohol Tests Used in Child Custody Cases?

Posted On January 11, 2021 In Child Custody

Drug and alcohol tests are used in child custody cases when one parent accuses another of substance abuse.  Sometimes both parents accuse the other of drug or alcohol abuse.  There are times parents use these allegations in an effort to acquire child custody; however, family court judges often prefer to err on the safe side and have both parents tested for habitual use.