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Arizona Child Support Guidelines put support of kids first

Posted On February 21, 2019 In Child Support

No matter how much money a Phoenix resident makes, they may find that there are countless costs and expenses that fight for their cash. A person may invest in a home and pay a mortgage. They may have car payments, costs associated with food and other basic necessities, and expenses that cover the things they want to do with their free time. These are only some of the many financial obligations and expenditures that they may take on in their lives.

Providing the financial support for a child is a heavy undertaking as well. Even if a child is healthy, thriving and attending a public school, that child’s needs can rise into the thousands of dollars each and every year. Parents who are separated or divorced may be required to provide child support for their kids so that they can maintain their success and growth despite their parents’ relationships.

Our state uses a set of guidelines to decide how much money a parent should have to pay for the support of their children. Those guidelines place the needs of children ahead of many other costs that parents may take on, such as the support of step-children, their parents and others.

Additionally, not all financial obligations may effect a court’s ability to deviate from the guidelines. Thus, a parent who has taken on many expenses may be required to pay child support at the full guideline amount in order to ensure their children have what they need.

Understanding the Arizona child support guidelines can be complicated. And, this post is informational and should not be relied upon as legal guidance. Contact our Chandler child support lawyers today.