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Alimony awards factor in unique circumstances of the parties

Posted On February 7, 2019 In Alimony

The divorce of two Maricopa County residents may cause stress and strain their lives. As they work to untangle their lives and find stability in their new legal statuses as single, they may begin to assess how they will manage financially as they move into the future. For some, ending a marriage with no strings attached may be a priority, but for others economic realities may keep exes tied together past the date that their divorce is finalized.

Alimony is a legal relationship that joins two formerly married people. Alimony is awarded by a court when one of the parties to a divorce will be financially disadvantaged without the support of their soon-to-be ex-spouse. As a financial obligation, alimony may be paid in a number of different ways, but many individuals who are bound to pay alimony to their exes do so every month on a set schedule.

To understand if the parties to a divorce may be subject to an alimony order, they must look at certain factors that exist in their relationship. If, for example, one of the parties gave up their education or career to support the other and their family, that person may require support to become job-ready in the future. A party that is unable to work because of age, illness or other infirmity may be awarded alimony if they have no other means of support.

Therefore, the individual and unique circumstances of individual couples will influence if they will have to work within the confines of alimony arrangements in the future. Readers’ family law attorneys can provide them with case-specific information to help them understand just how this and other issues may be resolved in their particular legal situations. Get in touch with our Chandler alimony attorneys today.